Call & Surf

With Call & Surf your line rental runs on Telesonique. You don’t receive any invoices for 25.35 Fr. from Swisscom anymore. You also automatically get an intact fixed line and Internet. Calls within the Telesonique fixed line and Telesonique mobile network are free. You also benefit from our low international rates. The DSL Internet connection is based on a speed of max. 10000/1000 and offers the possibility to surf around the clock. You will receive a pre-configured WLAN router (value 189 Fr.). The contract period is 12 months, with cancellation only possible one month before the end of the minimum contract term.

Your benefits with Call & Surf:

Call & SurfFreedom24
Included (per month)Free calls to the Swiss fixed networks in the evening(1)Free calls to the Swiss fixed networks(1)
Included servicesLine rental
DSL max. 10000/1000
WLAN routerFree(2)
Calls within the TalkTalk fixed and mobile networks in SwitzerlandFree(3)
Minimum contract term12 months(4)
Calls to the Swiss fixed networks07.00-19.00:
Calls to the Swiss mobile networks0.39
Monthly subscription fee49.–(5)69.–

(1) Calls are limited to 500 min. (Call & Surf Freedom) or 1500 min. (Call & Surf 24) per billing period. Thereafter calls will be billed 7 Cts. per min. The free minutes cannot be carried forward to the next billing period.
(2) In case of a cancellation the modem has to be returned. Otherwise a fee of 99 Fr. will be charged.
(3) Calls are limited to 1000 min. per customer number per billing period.
(4) The contract has to be cancelled 30 days before it ends. Telesonique will charge an early termination fee of 300 Fr., should the customer not comply with the cancellation notice requirements.
(5) Additional minimum fee of 9.90 Fr per billing period.

Prices shown are in CHF per min. incl. VAT. Only for normal, private use. This offer is only valid for one analog line or one ISDN line (3 numbers). With ISDN only the main number can be transfered. Fixed line SMS are not supported. The actual DSL speed depends on your line (e.g. on the distance to the nearest telephone switchboard) and can be lower than stated. Calls billed in 10 Cts. increments. For chargeable calls a connection fee of 10 Cts. per call will be charged. In addition international calls, premium services and calls to special numbers (e.g. 08xx, 090x, 18xx, 058) will be charged. In the case an electrician would have to be consulted for the activation, a cost sharing of 90 Fr. will be charged and would have to be paid in advance. The delivery of an invoice by post is chargeable, 3 Fr. per invoice will be charged. The postal charges for cash payments at the post office will be charged later. Prices subject to change.