FAQ – Telesonique Mobile

Address changes can be done in written form or via telephone. Send us an e-mail or call our free hotline at 022 508 75 75.

You can find the PUK code on the SIM card holder or you can call our free hotline at 022 508 75 75.

Yes, you can order a Data Booster option via SMS. The Data Booster is valid for the current billing period. Any unused data volume will expire at the end of each billing period.

Please contact our free hotline at 022 508 75 75 in order to get a new SIM card.

In order to block your Telesonique SIM card, please call our free hotline at 022 508 75 75.

You can find the countries in which Roaming is supported here.

No, unfortunately not. You need to live in Switzerland and also have a valid identification document.

Telesonique Mobile (S, M and L) may at any time be terminated at the end of next month.

You can find the Roaming prices here.

Afterwards, all calls (fixed and mobile) will be charged at the standard tariff.

The following documents will be accepted: Swiss ID card, Swiss passport, residence permits B, C, L and legitimacy card.

Please disable the function “Data Roaming” on your mobile phone/smartphone. You can find more information about this subject with your manufacturer or reading the user’s manual of your device.

The change depends on your current contract’s conditions which you have signed with your current provider.

Calls to your Talkbox are comprised within the included minutes. If the included minutes were already used, the standard rates will apply.

The reception of SMS abroad is free.

You can find the prices for international calls here.

To check the amount of data you have already used, simply send an SMS with BALANCE to 361 or dial *143# and confirm with the call key.

Send an SMS with the text BALANCE to 361 to check your available minutes remaining.

Data Booster 500 MB for 7.50 Fr. Activate: SMS with DATA500MB to 361.
Data Booster 1 GB for 15 Fr. Activate: SMS DATA1GB to 361.
Data Booster 3 GB for 30 Fr. Activate: SMS DATA3GB to 361.

The Data Booster packages are valid for the current billing period. Unused data volume expires at the end of each billing period. Only valid for Mobile S, M or L customers.

The number for your Talkbox is: +4186 followed by your mobile phone number including prefix. For example: +41860761234567

The Talkbox can activated or deactivated via SMS:

Activate: SMS with the text START TALKBOX to 361
Deactivate: SMS with the text STOP TALKBOX to 361

Hold the 1 key on the keypad pressed (depending on the device, this may be also be a different key, please observe the instructions for use of your mobile phone). Or dial the number of your Talkbox: +4186 followed by your telephone number, including prefix (e.g.: +41860761234567).

The Talkbox passcode is required when your dial into your Talkbox from another phone or from abroad.


How does it work?


In the Talkbox dial the key sequence **9, followed by 4.
You can now choose a new Talkbox passcode with the 1 key.
Choose a new 4 digit passcode. Then press the # key. For safety, the new passcode will be read loud.


Press 2 to recieve the passcode via free SMS.

Dial +4186 followed by your phone number (e.g.: +41860761234567).

You will hear your own greeting message, please press the * key.

You will now be requested to enter your 4-digit Talkbox passcode followed by the # key. If you do not know your Talkbox passcode, you now have the option to press the * key. You receive your Talkbox passcode in a free text message on your mobile phone. The call is ended here and you can again call your Talkbox, as described above.
If the passcode entry was correct, you now have access to your Talkbox.


If you are abroad, calls forwarded to the Talkbox are billed, unless your phone is turned off or the routing of calls to the Talkbox is disabled.

If you want to turn the Talkbox during your stay abroad for cost reasons off, send an SMS with the text STOP TALKBOX to 361.
Do not forget after your stay abroad, to activate your Talkbox again. Send a SMS with the text START TALKBOX to 361.