This Frequently Asked Questions list compiles the most common questions our customer service receives on a day to day basis

1. What are the tariffs ?
It depends on the destination you are calling. Please check our price-list.

2. When does the off-peak rate begin ?
For national calls : – Switzerland Fix : from 17.00 to 8.00 and week-end – Fix to mobile : from 19.00 to 7.00 and week-end. For international calls : Flat rate.

3. Do you have to pay the subscription?
No, the subscription is free of charge.

4. How do the Télésonique services work?
Call-by-Call : Dial 10767 followed by the number your wish to call. Automatic Pre-selection : A soon as you receive the confirmation for your pre-selection, you can use our services without dialing 10767.  Télésonique also owns the Carrier-Selection-Code 10715 and 10738

5. Is it the same for mobile phones?
No. Automatic Pre-selection does not exist for mobiles. The service is only available for international calls with Call-by-Call

6. How do I subscribe ?
On line with Subscribe to Télésonique or by phone at 022 50 50 111.

7. Is it possible to call all destinations ?
Yes, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we cover the whole world. Please check our price-list; T-Budget or Half-Price.

8. Do I have to change my phone number?
No, you can keep your actual number.

9. Do I have to change my phone?
No, you can keep your actual phone.

10. Do I have to cancel my phone-line subscription with Swisscom or Other operators?
No, you need to keep your phone line subscription.

11. What happens if I forget to dial the pre-selection code 10767 ?
Calls dialed without pre-selection code are billed by Swisscom at Swisscom tariffs (or your phone line provider). However, with Automatic Pre-selection, you can dial any number without the code.

12. If I am signed up for Automatic Pre-selection, can I use other operators as well?
Yes, all you need is dial the other operator’s Pre-selection code.

13. How frequently do I get billed?
Every month.

14. What happens if I type the wrong Pre-selection code?
The service will not function.

15. Is there a required minimum conversation length?
No minimum is required: You are free.

16. Do I have to inform Swisscom if I am on pre-selection?
No. We take care of the administrative tasks with Swisscom.

17. Can I get in trouble with Swisscom? 
No. The telecommunications industry is a free market and the consumer has a right to choose his favorite operator.

18. Why does my neighbor have the same code as I? 
Because the code is carrier specific and not customer specific. If your neighbor uses Télésonique, he will have the same code as you.

19. Do I need a phone line to be able to call using Télésonique service?
Yes. Télésonique provides the calling service only.

20. Can I use your services only for particular destinations?
Yes, choose Call-by-Call when you subscribe, and dial 10767 before the calls that you would like to save on.

21. Is your quality good ?
Excellent. We guarantee clear lines at all times. We work with the best operators in the world.

22. Where is Télésonique SA registered? 
Geneva, Switzerland.

23. Can I dial 10767 without subscribing to Télésonique? 
No, we need to enter your details in our database.

24. What if I have a PBX (office phone system) ?
You can set up all numbers on Automatic Pre-selection, or re-program your PBX (ask a technician for that).

We hope we have answered all your questions. If you think some information is missing on this page, please contact  per e-mail