No, the contract may be terminated after the required term with notice of 60 days to the end of the next billing month.

No, you will only be charged for the remaining term of your minimum contract period in one bill.

With the modem you received the user name and password. If you were to have forgotten them, call our customer service number 022 508 75 75.

OTO stands for: Optic Telecommunications Outlet. If your household is already equipped with fiber optic connection, there is usually a fiber optic wall outlet in your household. Each socket is identified with a unique number. This number is the OTO.

The OTO number is located on the fiber optic outlet. Normally there is one socket for each household.

As soon as the mobile contract is canceled, the discount of 10 Fr. will no longer be applied.

Please contact our customer service on 022 508 75 75.

You can reach our customer service from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 until 18.00 (022 508 75 75). or write to:  info (at) telesonique (dot) com

Go to the site www.speedtest.net. This page will show the speed of your Internet connection. The information is not guaranteed and the results can vary based on various factors.

With your modem you have received an instruction manual. Follow these instructions. If you have trouble setting up, contact our customer service on 022 508 75 75

Yes you can get a fixed IP address. The set up and the IP address are associated with costs. Contact us on 022 508 75 75, and we will advise you.

Print the necessary registration forms, fill them out and send us your application including a copy of a valid ID. Register.

Call us and we will inform you about the current availability in your area.

It may be that a faster surfing speed is not supported by your current modem. It is therefore decided on a case by case basis whether you need a new modem or not.

On most modems there is a button for the WLAN. For details, refer to the manual of your modem. You can also call us on 022 508 75 75, and we will gladly help you.

You can configure a WLAN for guests. For more information check the instruction manual for your modem. If you need assistance, please contact us on 022 508 75 75.

Yes, you have the option to change your subscription. However, it also depends on where you live, what speed is available to you. Depending on the contract, if you have a change to a slower speed, can involve costs.

Yes, you can. However, if you cancel before the end of the contract, there will be a charge of CHF 75.- Francs to cover the subsidy of the modem cost.

Fiber optics is a thin glass yarn joined in a bundle which has the property of being a conductor of light and is used in data transmission. Fiber optics are, among other uses, used as an optical transmitter in the fiber optic network for data transmission. The advantage over the electronic transmission is a wider bandwidth. More information can be transmitted per time unit.

For faster activation and to avoid the cost of an electrician, you need the phone number of the previous tenant.

Usually activating the service takes 10 working days, this is not guaranteed, as it depends on your location.

No, connecting the modem is very simple and well explained in the supplied instructions. If you need help please contact us on 022 508 75 75.

The “Phone Line + Net” subscription includes telephony and Internet. It also is based on a different technology. Call us on 022 508 75 75 for more information.