Service Charges

 Télésonique is entitled to charge the client services charges as follows:
SIM cardFee for the SIM card in case of new activation, card exchange or replacement (loss/failure).19.00 Fr.
Charge for paper invoiceCharge for the delivery of a paper invoice per post.3.00 Fr.
Postal office surchargeCharge for cash payment at the post office. Will be charged afterwards.Variable
Manual paymentsHandling charge for manual deposit (with red deposit slip).5.00 Fr.
Payment by checkHandling charge for paying by check.50.00 Fr.
Unsuccessful LSV/Debit DirectHandling charge if the debit was not possible by LSV or Debit Direct.15.00 Fr.
Charge for online invoice paymentHandling charge for the payment of outstanding invoices online via credit card or PostFinance Card.5.00 Fr.
Invoice copy by mailHandling charge for delivering a copy of invoice by mail.5.00 Fr.
Payment reminder chargesCharges for reminders will be charged from the 1st reminder. Will be charged afterwards.7.50 Fr.
Handling charge for line blockingCharge for line blocking due to non-payment. ULL, Internet and VoIP lines: Mobile, Preselection and Phone lines:40.00 Fr. 30.00 Fr.
Relocation chargeHandling charge for relocation of fixed-line and Internet products. (Not including electrician costs.)45.00 Fr.
Charge for non-returned hardwareCharge for hardware that has not been returned after cancellation (i.e. modem).99.00 Fr.
Cancellation feeCharge for early termination.Variable
Post returnHandling fee for undeliverable mail (i.e. invoices, reminders).20.00 Fr.
ElectricianCharge if an electrician must be consulted.According to work completed, min. 180.00 Fr.
Suspension of the SIM cardCharge if on customer request, the SIM card for a period of max. 6 months is suspended per calendar year.15.00 Fr. (max. 6 mt./calendar year)
OwnerchangeHandling charge transfer of ownership.40.00 Fr.
Debt collections/enforcementsHandling fees that are charged in the case of debt collection or enforcements.Variable
Number changeHandling charge for the change of telephone number (from the 2nd time).20.00 Fr.
Credit card reimbursementHandling charge for a credit card refund.Variable