Value added services

Premium rate numbers

The dialing codes listed below are premium service or business service numbers. Value-added services are charged separately as information and entertainment services. Calls to these numbers can incur considerable costs.

0900x, 0901x, 0906x, 0848x, 0840x, 0842x, 0844x, 0878x, 0800x

Contact us in order to block value added numbers.

Corporate number (058x)

Phone numbers with the 058 prefix appear to be ordinary landline numbers but are business numbers as e.g.: 0848x or 0900x. Calls to these numbers can lead to higher costs and are not included in minute packages and flat rates. These numbers can not be blocked.

Premium SMS & MMS

With Premium SMS you can order services from your mobile phone via SMS and MMS. These services can be ordered either on a one time or on a subscription basis. Premium SMS can be recognized by a 3 to 5-digit sender number. Its services include e.g.: horoscopes, news, weather information, games, pictures, etc.

Contact us in order to block Premium SMS.

    An overview of most common standard commands is listed below. Send them to the corresponding short number of the provider:
  • START “keyword”: Order the corresponding service (keyword).
  • STOP “keyword”: Cancel the corresponding service (keyword).
  • STOP ALL: Cancel all services of this provider or this short number.
  • VIEW: Overview of all active subscriptions with this provider or this short number.
  • INFO: Contact information for the provider at this short number.
  • INDEX: Information from the short number service provider about how to use the service or where to find a detailed description of the service, including a price list.

The provider will send you the information by SMS.

International premium-rate telephone numbers

International premium-rate telephone numbers are numbers from countries outside of Switzerland that provide certain services and for which prices are higher than for regular international calls. Calls to international premium-rate numbers are always billed separately and are not included in the price of subscriptions or options. The fees for these calls are determined and charged by the provider of the number. Telesonique cannot guarantee the quality of the services or their prices.

Please note that these calls may incur high costs depending on the country and provider.

International premium rate numbers can not be blocked.