You need at least 150 kbps upload performance with DSL. Telesonique Voice is available starting with a DSL 2000/200 subscription.

Telesonique will assign you a telephone number with the area code of your residence. You can also port an existing landline phone number.

Yes, you can port your existing landline phone number to Telesonique Voice. You need to fill in the transfer form.

  • Telesonique Voice tariff
  • High speed Internet connection
  • IP Gigaset telephone
  • Analogue telephone and FRITZ!Box modem or Cisco adaptor

If you are calling and you experience poor sound quality (e.g. distortion, echo, delay, interruptions, etc.), this is mainly due to your Internet connection. Telesonique Voice technology is based on Voice over IP (VoIP), and Internet is the transport medium, we are highly dependent on the stable quality of the Internet connection.

Check the connections and LEDs that should be lit: Power, Internet, telephone port (have you plugged your phone in the correct port?).

Simply contact our customer service by e-mail or regular mail indicating your full name, phone number and the new address.

Yes, you can telephone and surf at the same time. However, if you download a large volume of data, this can affect the sound quality when telephoning.