Telecom services for home, office and on-the-road

With immediate effect, Télésonique offers a migration path to Swisscom® Fixed-line customers. The migration is transparent to the customer, and is free of charge. No installation or change of phone devices needed.

Customers will benefit from Télésonique’s Half-Price offer. All phone calls nationally and internationally will be discounted at 50% off Swisscom calling rates.

Moreover, customer have the option to add internet access of 10/1 Mbits/s for only 24.- Fr./month. Modem and activation fees are waived for the first 10’000 customers. Télésonique offers the customer one single invoice for all services; phone-line, calls, internet and mobile.

Télésonique SA entered the Swiss telecom market upon liberalisation in 1998, as one of the first alternative providers to the incumbent Swisscom. Télésonique has been a driving force in the telecom industry liberalisation and market education ever since. In addition to fixed network services, Télésonique also offers mobile, internet, VoIP  as well discounted offers for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, dual-SIM Samsung smart phone and Galaxy Tab.

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